We clearly see the geopolitics of a soft, bureaucrat, who had a pastoral tone and face, but policy had not changed at all. The American Catholic Church, and also the global north, is a church that is less church, less married, less white, and less conservative. Basically, he really came here to evangelize to immigrants, —which is a huge population— Immigrants that have come to the United States, like Latinos, and Africans, and others. He had a very pastoral and welcoming rhetoric, but that’s not enough, in my opinion, to bridge the divisions that we face.

I was really upset to see him in congress, because for a country that purports to have a separation between church and state, I thought that his presence and his speech in congress collapsed those lines clearly for me.

Link: http://wgbhnews.org/post/all-revved-pope-s-visit-was-politics-usual

The Reverends Emmett G. Price III and Irene Monroe were back on Boston Public Radio for their regular Monday feature, “All Revved Up.”